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Across a wide range of projects -- indie to mainstream recording artists, TV to Film Networks -- Rijan’s musical intuition is grounded on integrity and real emotion. It is his intention to support the artist’s direction. “I’ll go with what they want: digital or live funk band, because every album is different. The producer is the architect – you have the foundation that’s the artist and you build the house around that.”

As an aspiring artist, Rijan worked with other local producers/writers in the development of his distinctive production style. Consequently, he concentrates on the hook, surrounding it with irrepressible and irresistible arrangement elements, “riffs, sounds and samples that are not the norm,” he clarifies, which all serve to propel the artist to the forefront of the sound.

As an increasing important player in modern music, Rijan notes that is the music – not the lifestyle that surrounds it – that keeps him focused. “I’ll go anywhere and everywhere,” he says. “ As long as I’m doing music I’m good.”

And he understands that the role of the producer is to sustain and capture a vision and a vibe. “I’m here to support the artist – top vocalists who can carry it. I think it’s a marriage between the track and the vocalist. If the vocalist is the skeleton then the music is the body. They have to mesh, completely balance each other, and make the people get up, bob their heads, and dance.”

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